Art Lovers


Fascinated with the symbiotic relationship of music and vision we decided to create a tool that would find the right album design for the music it accompanies. It’s is a meeting place for selected high-quality visual works which are scrupulously chosen and assigned specific categories. 

Michał Bednarczyk
Michał Bednarczyk CEO / Product Manager
Agnieszka Harpeniuk
Agnieszka Harpeniuk Community Manager
Mateusz Wolniak
Mateusz Wolniak Developer
Michał Hepner
Michał Hepner Developer

We are always flexible when it comes to choosing the right aesthetic for any project. We do not aim to be competition for creative agencies; rather we aim to be a tool that enables the user to efficiently find an artwork that suits the needs of every project. Our clients have total control when it comes to choosing the right design for the job - this platform just brings it all together in a transparent and easy to use method.

Nawojki 4/67

30-072 Krakow