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The Adopt a Cover webpage is a database that contains a specifically developed module used for initiating the licensing process. By using this webpage you agree to the following conditions: (if you do not agree to use the webpage under our conditions then you must leave the page).


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Adopt a Cover is the sole agent in the following transactions:

a) agreements concerning visual works placed on Adopt a Cover’s webpage

b) Commission contracts or any other contracts made with visual artists presented on Adopt a Cover’s webpage


Persuading visual artists to break any provisions in contracts related to Adopt a Cover will result in a legal claim due to any financial damages incurred by the broken provision.


Giving false personal data in any part of the licensing process will result in criminal and civil responsibility.


As a commercial deal broker, Adopt a cover holds payment due to the visual artist for the time specified in future contracts, and, under penalty of law, is obligated to make payment as specified in future contracts.


Information allocated on Adopt a Cover’s webpage is confidential. Sharing this information with third parties is allowed only for purposes of transferring information to the parties involved in the transaction. 


Information given in the licensing and commission contract process was given by visual artists. Adopt a Cover is not responsible for any false information given by visual artists or any situations resultant by this information. Information given to Adopt a Cover by visual artists is verified by us.


Our database, as well as visual artworks on our webpage are protected by copyright law. Any attempt to use these materials without the explicit consent of the intellectual rights holder will result in legal prosecution.


The user is obligated not to use the webpage in any way that may inhibit the webpage’s functioning or in any malicious way that would negatively affect the websites users.


Adopt a Cover does not bear legal responsibility in cases where the visual artist does not fulfill their duties as agreed to.


The user agrees to have their personal information processed by Adopt a Cover for purposes connected with the realization and promotion of their visual products in regards to music publishers.


Any disputes related to breaking this agreement’s stipulations will be settled by the court of law which presides at Adopt a Cover’s headquarters.


Independent of the above provision regarding the Adopt a Cover’s jurisdiction, Adopt a Cover can use a wide scope of legal systems to attain the court subpoena’s necessary.


Adopt a Cover reserves the right to nullify any webpage accounts without providing reasons as to the nullification.